Gravity Forms for DIVI WordPress

At First Wave Website Management we offer an upgrade to Gravity Forms, it is a popular form builder plugin for WordPress websites. It offers a range of features and benefits that make it a preferred choice for many users. Here are some reasons why Gravity Forms is considered superior by many:

  1. Advanced Form Functionality:
    Gravity Forms provides advanced features such as conditional logic, which allows you to show or hide fields based on user input, making your forms more dynamic and personalized. It also supports multi-page forms, form entry management, email notifications, and integrations with third-party services and applications.
  2. Integration Capabilities:
    Gravity Forms integrates seamlessly with popular third-party services and applications, including payment gateways, email marketing platforms, CRM systems, and more. This integration capability allows you to automate workflows, streamline data collection, and enhance the overall functionality of your forms.
  3. Developer-Friendly:
    Gravity Forms offers extensive developer tools and documentation, making it highly customizable and extensible. It provides hooks, filters, and APIs that enable developers to create custom form fields, integrate with external systems, and extend the plugin’s functionality as needed.
  4. Extensive Form Field Options:
    Gravity Forms offers a wide range of form field types, including standard fields like text, checkboxes, and radio buttons, as well as advanced fields like file uploads, payment fields, and conditional logic. This extensive selection enables you to create highly customized and interactive forms tailored to your specific needs.
  5. Stellar Support:
    Gravity Forms has a reputation for excellent customer support. Their team is responsive and provides timely assistance to users through documentation, forums, and direct support channels.


At First Wave Website Management we offer both server side and off site backups to our clients, Gravity Forms also has systems in place in an effort to prevent data loss.

There are various backup solutions available that can be used in conjunction with Gravity Forms to ensure the safety and protection of your form data. To back up your Gravity Forms data, you can consider implementing the following approaches:

  1. Regular Database Backups: Gravity Forms data is stored in your WordPress database. Therefore, implementing a reliable backup solution for your WordPress site, such as using plugins like UpdraftPlus, BackupBuddy, or VaultPress, will help you back up your entire database, including your Gravity Forms data.
  2. Form Export/Import: Gravity Forms provides an export feature that allows you to export individual forms or form entries as XML files. You can periodically export your forms and entries and store them securely as a form of backup. In case of any data loss or issues, you can import the exported XML files to restore your forms and entries.
  3. Third-Party Backup Solutions: There are backup plugins available specifically for Gravity Forms, such as GravityView’s Import Entries add-on or WP All Import with Gravity Forms Add-On, that provide additional backup functionality and options specifically tailored to Gravity Forms data.

It is recommended to regularly back up your entire WordPress site (or any website), including the database, plugins, and files, to ensure comprehensive data protection and recovery options. You can choose a backup solution that suits your needs and preferences, and schedule backups at regular intervals to safeguard your Gravity Forms data.

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